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Fingerer is a new multi grip sport-rehabilitation training equipment for moving with smile.

Types and difficulty of grips can be changed by setting the Fingerer accessory cord.

By changing the grips the excercises can be also changed.

Fingerer is also designed with a non-slip surface for better functionality.

Fingerer is created to exercise for different age groups, for children and adults, for athletes and also for people with disabilities.

You can train with the Fingerer whole body from the tips of legs to the fingers using isometric and isotonic exercises.

You can exercise, relax and rehabilitate with the Fingerer indoors - at home, in gyms, sport halls, ... and also outdoors - in playgrounds, in parks, in camps ...

Enjoy the movement with one or two Fingerers.








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    29,00 € 1x Fingerer®
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    55,00 € 2x Fingerer®